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The Lilydale Radio Yacht Club Inc.

Our Club is a non-profit organization devoted to the hobby of building and sailing model boats of all types. We offer a friendly, safe and fun environment to practice our non-polluting hobby/sport. As there are several clubs in the Melbourne area that cater for those more serious "Class" yachters, it was decided that our club would cater for all comers, no matter what type of vessel they have. We do have yacht races, but these are all handicap races, based on the both the potential of the boat and the skill of the skipper, and are adjusted weekly. The biggest and fastest may get line honors but the smaller slower boats often get the points. The Racing Rules of yachting are so complex that we thought to try and apply them to our members could cause too many protests, so we have amended the rules to our own needs. (Our Rules). We sail to gentleman's rules (sorry ladies) - round all the marks, give way when required and avoid collisions. Our members that want to sail “power boats”, usually put their boats in the water after all the Saturday yacht races have finished…this is around 1.00pm or on Tuesdays, between 9.00am and midday, with our affectionately named “Wrinklies Group”. We also have a new group to our sailing fraternity and that is the Dragon Force sailors. They meet on the First and Third Saturdays of each month from 1.00pm until approx 4.00pm.

Our Aims:

1. To bring modellers together at an excellent venue. 2. To provide friendly pleasant company for anyone wishing to operate any type of model boat or ship. (Except internal combustion engines, which are excluded by Lake Management). Therefore club activities should be provided for all types of craft. 3. To provide help and information and promote interaction between members regarding design, construction and operation of models. 4. To provide handicap yacht racing open to all types and classes for those who wish to compete (Our handicap system caters for all standards and types of sailing boats). 5. To encourage use of Lilydale Lake Reserve and local facilities.

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