FOR SALE - Southern Run

LRYC Inc Boat of the year. Neutrad design - Extended J7 - Unique Hancraffted cedar with planked hull & deck. Internal carbon Fibre / Epoxy Ribs Carbon Fibre masts and Booms Custom made sails RMG Sailwinch Marine Ply Cabin & Hatches Light and heavy weather keels working / switchable Nav lights Adjustable Mast & Deck sheet positioning $1750.00 Contact: Frank Murphy Mobile: 0415 040 405 Email: Frank Murphy

“A” Class Venom Yacht

New lightweight A sail plus A&V sail suites which can be mixed and matched to run as A-B-C sails. Comes with 7.2V battery pack with tools to rig and launch. A Spektrum DX6i transmitter included. NOTE: This boat was placed 3rd in the 2013 Australian Nationals. $1050.00 Negotiable! Contact: Mike Pender Mobile: 0407 858 674 Email:

Mystery Yacht

This boat was abandoned in an office some time ago. The current owner, Dean Britt, knows nothing at all about this boat, but it was estimated to be worth anything between $150 to $200 (judged from the photo). $150-200 Negotiable! Contact: Dean Britt Mobile: 0411 794 003 Email:

FOR SALE - Old Boat

This boat belonged to Geoff Fraser who passed away some time ago. His son, Jonathan, uncovered it in a recent clean-out and wondered if anyone at the club might be interested in acquiring it. Any offer accepted. Contact: Jonothan Fraser Mobile: 0415 391 106 Email: