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Our Sailing Rules

The following are a set of simplified rules,

used for sailing competitions within the

Lilydale Radio Yacht Club Inc. The rules are

based upon club principles and should be

adhered to.

Ground Rules:

Consideration and friendliness shall be shown to fellow members and other users of the Lillydale Lake. Members shall abide by all laws, by-laws, club rules and park regulations. Members shall be financial at all times. Members shall display their allocated radio frequency whenever their transmitter is on. Where circumstances prevent unique frequencies for all attendees, those using a duplicated frequency must limit their use to a half hour, or if racing, enough time to complete the race and return their craft immediately to shore in order for everyone to have a go.

Section A -

Sailing Rules for General Club Races. A.1 - Avoid collisions. A.2 - Sail the course and round all marks, if you fail to round a mark have a second attempt, if you fail a second time you can continue to the next mark. A.3 - Touching a mark of the course does not incur a penalty unless the mark is substantially relocated in which case the offending boat shall retire. A.4 - Port tack boats keep clear of starboard tack boats. A.5 - Windward boats keep clear of leeward boats. A.6 - The boat astern keeps clear of the boat ahead. A.7 - A boat tacking or gybing keeps clear of one that is not. A.8 - Give room to (all) the inside boat(s) to round the mark.

Section B -

Recommended practice - all events B.1 - A boat that is not racing keeps clear of all boats racing, boats that have finished racing shall clear the finish line. B.2 - First two finishers should, as soon as possible, land their boat, beyond the finish line and assist the timekeeper as needed. B.3 - If a collision results in damage to a boat, both boats involved in the collision shall retire. Purists may not approve of the simplified rules; protests are not fun and we want to have fun.

10 Commandments

on Sailing at Lillydale Lake

1. Avoid Collisions at all times: 2. Sail the course and round all marks honestly. 3. Port tack boats keep clear of starboard tack boats. 4. Winward Boat keeps clear of Leeward boats. 5. The boat astern keeps clear of the boat ahead. 6. Tacking & Gybing boats keep clear of boats that are not. 7. Buoy Room to the inside Boat rounding the marks. 8. Boats not racing must keep clear of racing boats 9. First two finishers of any race to assist timekeeper. 10. Retire from race if collision results in damage to any boats.